Enjoying Win7, but….

I run Windows 7. Fine. I have an iPhone. Also fine. I run Itunes 9….with QuickTime…. That is NOT working out fine!
At work I have been using a Vista-based computers. The thing about this computer, is that Internet Explorer kept getting unresponsive whatever I tried to do. I foolishly wrote it down to Vista being as screwed up as always. I never seemed to have that problem with Windows 7. Well, it seems that I have to think again….twice!
I recently aquired another older laptop, and installed Windows 7 RTM on it. Everything has been working fine for a couple of days. That is, until I installed Itunes 9. Well, I shouldn’t really blame it on Itunes either, more like QuickTime.
I was checking out something unrelated on Apple’s website when I was asked if I wanted to activate the QuickTime plugin for that site. Which I did. BOOM! Everything seemed to grind to a halt. "A-ha", I thought. QuickTime. So, to be sure, I uninstalled it….and lo and behold, everything is back to normal.
I also had installed Itunes and Quicktime on my workplace computer….. and I spent all that time moaning about Windows Vista, when it was QuickTIme that was giving me the finger…thank U! 😛
It could be just the IE plugin for QuickTIme that is misbehaving, but that I will check out later. I just don’t bother right now! 🙂

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