Citrix XenDesktop 5, VDI on Hyper-V Best Practices

I have had the pleasure of spending the last three days in the company of many of my colleagues from Atea at the Atea TechnoCamp in Trondheim.
The objective of the group I have been a part of was to establish some best practice guidelines regarding VDI on Citrix XenDesktop 5 based on Hyper-V.

My focus here was to write a document that states the requirements of Hyper-V with regards to hardware, storage and networking. It also describes how to optimize Hyper-V and the virtual environment to obtain the best performance possible.

As this is for internal use only, I will not be able to release this document for the public. Feel free to contact me directly if you have any questions or need information regarding Hyper-V, XenDesktop or VDI in general.


2 thoughts on “Citrix XenDesktop 5, VDI on Hyper-V Best Practices

    1. geirrs Post author

      The BP guidelines that we have created here are unfortunately only for internal use in the company where I work, so I am not allowed to share them unfortunately.
      What I can say, is that Microsoft have their on best practice guideline for virtualization (Hyper-V) here:
      Other than that, the best place for finding more info on XenDesktop 5 itself would of course be (, but also and other web sites devoted to virtualization.
      Although a lot of the current documentation available for XD 5 is based on using XenServer as a virtualization platform, independent tests show very little difference between XenServer, Hyper-V and VMWare/VSphere. Most of the tasks that are necessary to deploy XD5 are also the same on all platforms.

      Good luck!


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