Citrix Receiver 3.x and Presentation Server 4.0 via Citrix Access Gateway = fail.

A short while ago I installed Citrix Access Gateway VPX for at company that had an existing PS 4.0 Citrix farm. The certificate on their old CAG had expired, and they seized the opportunity to upgrade to a newer virtual CAG. Their old CAG was running CAG 4.6, which doesn’t support certificates with keylengths larger than 1024 bits.
The Web Interface is version 4.6.

During testing, I found myself unable to connect to the Citrix server. All I got was an error message saying that the server was unavailable. I suspected that the Web Interface needed to be upgraded too, but then the customer told me that he had no problems connecting.
I realized that he of course was using an older version of the Citrix client, so I installed Online Plugin 12.3 on a virtual machine and it worked immediately.

Maybe it was too much to expect the new Receiver to work with the older PS 4.0, but for me it lines up with a few other caveats I’ve encountered using Citrix Receiver since they released version 3.0.

Still…cool to actually get a brand new 5.0.4 CAG to work with a rather old PS 4.0 server. 🙂


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