Windows 8 RTM – makes people talk

After installing the RTM Version of Windows 8 a couple of days after it was released on MSDN/Technet, I am actually convinced that this time Microsoft may have a WINner her *sic*. While writing this, I’m upgrading another computer from Windows 7 to Win8, just slightly nervous about the end result…
Since the release, I’ve spent some time looking around the web to see what early adopters and testers of the Consumer Preview think of the new OS. What I see, is that the debate is hot and somewhat divided between those who hate it and those who wholeheartedly embrace it. One such example are the comments on this article.
The biggest topic is the new Windows UI, formerly known as Metro, which is loathed and loved.
What strikes me, is that for the first time in a long while Microsoft have released a product that in one way or another strikes a chord in people’s minds, leaving behind a long trail of commentary threads, blogs (including mine…) and articles that gives Microsoft a lot of free publiciy, and keeping every techhead on their toes until the October 26th release. Microsoft must have hired som smart marketing consultants lately!
I myself? I like Windows 8, and I’m thrilled about the idea of having a comparable OS on all the devices I’m likely to use the next five years, be it a PC, tablet/Surface and/or a mobile phone. I have a feeling that Microsoft might actually hit paydirt here and might shift the industry at least slightly in a different direction.


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