Windows 8 – Is the UI “wrong”? And a bit about Family Safety.

As a followup to my previous post, I wanted to share som observations I’ve done With regards to Windows 8 UI vs the classic Windows desktop experience..

I mentioned earlier that one of the Windows 8 computers in our home belongs to my 9-year old son. He’s been using computers since he was about 5, when I gave him an old HP desktop, running Windows XP. It was good enough for running simple games and stuff, but later I procured som second-hand computers that were up to the task, and he was given one of them.
Now, for a 9 year old, my son has actually been using more Windowsversions than many other people I know. What I did when I gave hime a new (still second-hand) computer (a 3-year old HP Probook), was to give him a short 10 minute lesson in how to navigate Windows UI, and how to access the desktop. By now, he whizzes around Windows 8 like he’n never used anything else, and might even know more about it than I do. This tells me that WinUI really isn’t that big a change that many wants us to believe, it just comes down to being open for something different. If the UI was really that much of a problem, why then do some people swap their Windows computer for an Apple (or vice versa)? It’s really the same thing, modern operating systems are really that similiar, UI-wise.

I actually reinstalled his computer from the Customer Preview Version the Win8 Pro RTM. Since my son already had a Microsoft account, created on our Xbox, I thought it made sense to make him use that for Windows 8 as well. This put me on the track of Microsofts Family Safey, which is a way of parents to control what your kids can do on a computer, and when they do it. Family Safety is available for Windows 7 as a seperate download, but comes built-in in Windows 8. Now, I can decide what websites my son can access, when he can use the computer, what apps he can download from the Windows 8 Appstore, and many other thins. For more info, go to I know I will be using this for my 7-year old daughter as well, when I get around to upgrading her computer to Win8.


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