IE10 – Downloading files – Akamai Download Manager

Having trouble downloading large files from, and not being able to use the Akamai Download Manager? Having ADM for downloading files can really boost download speeds when you are downloading large ISO-files etc from Microsoft MSDN service or Citrix. If you are using Internet Explorer 10, ie in Windows 8 or otherwise, this might be a problem, because you are never offered to use ADM.
I encounterd this problem when I tried to download Windows Server 2012 and Citrix XenApp 6.5 (no, I’m not installing XenApp 6.5 on Windows Server 2012…)
After a quick search, I found a tip on Microsoft Social network, giving me a tip about IE 10’s Version mode.
Press F12, and select Internet Explorer 8 as the browser mode. Then try downloading the file again, and you should be offered Akamai as an download option.
Se this article for more information

It might be necessary to add the site as a trusted site in IE’s Security options to make it work.


2 thoughts on “IE10 – Downloading files – Akamai Download Manager

    1. geirrs Post author

      Glad I could help you. I won’t take all the credit for myself though, but I thought it was worth the time to put out a short description of the problem and how to solve it someplace people would find it.


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